Our Facilities

Our Facilities

The facilities encompasses production areas for the assembly of unitized systems, stick systems and sash window systems, as well as the fabrication of accessory components such as sunshades, pressings and other specialty facade elements.

We have our own QC test lab, in-house training center , outside visual mock up bays and dedicated, in-house draftsmen for the production of fabrication drawings.

Shanghai provides us with a unitized curtain wall capacity of between 15,000 and 20,000 m2/month while our Chong qing facility can double this capacity for us.

Our imported machining equipment and foreign trained production line staff, together with our experienced production management team give us a distinct advantage over many other standard production facilities in China, when it comes to production for overseas markets.

Sunvast Shanghai Factory

59 Hang Yuan road, Hang Tau town, Pudong district, Shanghai 201316, P.R.China.

our facility shanghai


Total area: 27,000 m2
Office area: 6,000 m2
Factory area: 10,000 m2

Sunvast ChongQing Factory



Total area: 110,000 m2